The Blue Revolution

At Bensonhurst Dental Care, we utilize cutting-edge technology in conjunction with scientific and clinical research to deliver the most accurate diagnosis for our clients. Latest generation dental imagery solution, SOPROLIFE provides unsurpassed image quality.

With SOPROLIFE®, diagnose occlusal or interproximal caries… differentiate with outstanding accuracy healthy tissue from infected tissue, so as to excavate only the decayed area.

The result of using SoproLIFE is better diagnosis and more appropriate treatment of sclerotic dentine. It’s the next level of accuracy to dyes and is better than older fluorescence caries detectors. The beauty of the SoproLIFE is we can show our patients on the spot lesion and the decay shown by the fluorescence. SoproLIFE is the next step – it is the most accurate and easy to use and explain to our patients.