3M True Definition Scanner

12-10-018_3M ESPE_TrueDefinition Scanner

For incredible precision, a streamlined workflow and faster turnaround time between the doctors and your dental lab – the 3M True Definition Scanner is the answer. Supported by an open and secure cloud-based platform, the 3M True Definition Scanner offers dentists and dental labs more ways to store clinical cases, share and connect.

Features & Benefits


• View each case in amazing detail and eliminate inaccuracies

• Digital files enable better communication with your lab for better results and better patient experience

• Digital technology transforms the procedure into an interactive, educational experience

• Seeing images on screen gives patients a true understanding of their oral situation and what is needed


The True Definition Scanner increases productivity


• Digital processes elevate dentistry for you and your staff in ways that can have a profound impact on your practice

• Less stress for you and your staff

• Fewer procedural steps and less hassle

• Faster turnaround and more accurate results from the lab
• Reduced seating times and remakes


The True Definition Scanner provides flexibility for quadrant dentistry and accuracy for full arch


• “3D-in-motion” video technology allows you to capture and simultaneously view a true replica of the oral anatomy in extraordinary detail

• Advanced technology enhanced by a small and comfortable wand and interactive touch monitor


• Digital impressions eliminate inaccuracies that are inherent to the traditional process, making clinical outcomes more


3M™ Dental Connection Center is supported by an open and secure cloud-based platform

• More choices for dentists and dental labs to store, share and connect

• The 3M Connection Center offers trusted, integrated connections

• Offers download of open STL files for ultimate flexibility

• Designed to connect with mills and other systems—current and future