Meet The Team

  • Alexander Rubinshtein
    Laser Dentist

    Dr. Alexander Rubinshtein has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years and has a thriving patient following. He received his DDS from NYU school of Dentistry and was a member of the honorary society. Dr Rubinshtein is board member of ALD | Academy of Laser Dentistry & ADA. Dr. Alex deploys the latest advances in dentistry and business practice enabling him to treat his patients and provide them with exceptional services.

    His main focus is on oral surgery, implant restoration and laser assisted dentistry. Dr. Rubinshtein is one of the 1.8% of dentist in America offering the latest Laser Dentistry. Laser  technology provides unmatched benefits for our patients who seek no drilling, no incisions & no numbness in most dental procedures. Dr.Rubinshtein works with every type of a patient, if you are nervous about visiting the dentist for any reason, he is able to make your experience as painless & pleasant as possible. Please view our testimonials.

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